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1. Load Image: Expand/Collapse

Image Name: for Page

- Please include the extension of the image file(.gif's, .jpg's, or .png's)
- Make sure the image file is in the same folder as this html file.

Orientation of form:
Portrait (image width should be 1500 pixels, resized to 750 pixels on screen)
Landscape (image width should be 2000 pixels, resized to 1000 pixels on screen)
Custom (enter an integer)

If the eform image extends past the red outline, you've cropped the image too long and it won't fit on a letter-sized printout. Try typing a number smaller than 750 in the "Custom" field.

2. eForm Name Expand/Collapse

Enter a name for the eForm here

3. Gender, Radio and Parent Child boxes Expand/Collapse

Gender boxes used in this eForm (M/F)? If yes, click here
Add Gender Checkboxes
Add Gender Xboxes

Radioboxes used in this eForm (only one valid)? If yes, click here
Add Radio Checkboxes
Add Radio Xboxes

Parent Child Contols (subcategory inputs)? If yes, click here
Add Parent Checkbox
Add Parent Xbox

4. Signatures Expand/Collapse

Add Freehand Signature Fields

Add Signature Stamps to this form

5. Add in form input fields (one-by-one) Expand/Collapse
a) Select An Input Type

Single-line text input Multi-line text input Checkbox Xbox

b) Auto-populating Input Box
  • Custom text
  • From Oscar Database
  • Importing from Measurements

    Measurement Type

    or custom


c) Formating The Input Box

Font Family Font Style Font Weight
Font Size(in px, usually 12-14) Horizontal Alignment

Background Color
- Useful to have a white background to cover-up lines within the input field

c) Naming the input field:

i)Automatic Sequential Naming (quicker method for most cases).
- automatic name prefix:(One Continuous Word)
ii)Custom UNIQUE Name:
- Must be one continuous word with letters/numbers only (no spaces/symbols)
- Use day or date in the name to identify date fields (eg. appt_date)
- Custom naming eases later modification or data extraction
iii)If you would like to export the value of this input field to Measurements, select the Measurement Type and Field here:

Measurement Type

 or custom 


Parent or Group Name

d) Drawing the input fields
For one- and multi-lined textboxes:

- Drag a box from the top left corner to the bottom right corner of the box.

For checkboxes

- Click on the top left corner of the checkbox

Repeat step # 3 until all input boxes are done.

6. Fine-tuning The Input Fields Expand/Collapse




    7. Misc Expand/collapse

    Useful for lower resolution monitors.

    Add date
    Add date calander

    Emphasize Checkmarks
    Blackbox changes an X box into an entirely black mark. Very high visibility even when using small Xbox
    Scaling up Checkmarks
    "Drawing" in checkmarks during printing

    Include options for OSCAR faxing this eForm.
    Corresponding default fax number xxx-xxx-xxxx:


    8. Generate eForm Expand/Collapse

    Generating the code:
    The html code should open up in a new window. Now you got two options:
    1. Highlight everything and copy and paste it into a text editor (ex. Notepad), then save it as filename.html.
    2. In the new window (in Firefox), select "File", then "Save Page As...", then select "Text Files" as the file type, then type in a filename.html.

    Uploading the files:
    Go to Admin -> Eforms -> "Upload a Form", and upload the newly generated html file.
    Go to Admin -> Eforms -> "Upload an Image", and upload:
    - the eform background image
    - "jSignature.min.js"for signing signatures if you have not already done so

    Creative Commons License
    The eForm Generator V6 is a collaborative effort of Peter Hutten-Czapski and Shelter Lee and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
    Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at http://www.oscarcanada.org/.
    Please consider supporting OSCAR EMR Canada https://oscar-emr.com/support-oscar/ .